Midas M32 Digital Console with free Pro Road Case, no wheels, no doghouse

Eight-slot stereo effects engine On-board 32×32 USB interface Real-time tracking Optional expansion cards such as ADAT, MADI and Dante 100-Band RTA for all channel/bus EQs Gain splitting and remote control for FOH and monitoring 32 MIDAS microphone pre-amplifiers 25 mix buses
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Condition: very good, as new
Technical: works perfectly
Age: as new
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(ended) NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Maschine Studio - Black

-Unprecedented physical control and visual feedback -Sampler, arranger, mixer, instruments, effects, and more -Includes MASCHINE 2.0 software and new drum synths
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Condition: As new
Technical: As new
Age: Ex-demo, 1 year
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Digital mixing console, 40 + 2 St & 2 Return, 20 AUX buses + Stereo + Sub, 8 DCA

TouchFlow Operation maximizes workflow efficiency 1-knob compression and EQ let you dial in the ideal sound GainFinder supports precision gain setup QuickPro presets provide instant access to pro-sound setups 2 scene memory banks let you set up and instantly recall your settings 32 D-Pre mic preamps deliver phenomenal sound Onboard effects based on SPX processor TF StageMix iPad applicatio
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Condition: New
Technical: New
Age: New
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