Rekordbox compatible, compact digital deck

- Large touch screen - Faster browsing - Hot cues - Beat perfect - More creative freedom - Slip Mode - Fully compatible with Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ - Enhanced track info - Pro DJ Link - Compact design - Can be used as MIDI/HID controller
Stock: 2
Condition: good as new
Technical: as new, no box
Age: demo, 2 months
Originele prijs: € 699

prijs nu: € 559
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CDJ1000 mk3 standard cd player

Stock: 2
Condition: nearly as new
Technical: perfect condition
Age: second hand, 5 years
Originele prijs: € 1200

prijs nu: € 400
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6-channel stereo audio mixer, for DJ & PA applications, Stereo Mengtafel 19"

2 mono microphone channels with talkover switch and 2-way tone control 4 stereo input channels, switchable phono/line (channels 1 and 2) or line/line (channels 3 and 4) 1 stereo master output 1 stereo record output, independent of the master 3-way equalizer with centre click for the master output and record output Pre-fader listening to each stereo input channel and the master output
Stock: 1
Condition: used
Technical: works correctly,repaired
Age: second hand, 1 year
Originele prijs: € 204.26

prijs nu: € 99
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wireless control via iPad/iPhone, recordbox compatible, CDJ, USB, 2 inputs

Industry´s first all-in-one DJ system controllable via iPad/iPhone/iPod touch via Wi-Fi - Can be used as an independent 2-channel mixer/CD-player - Wide range of onboard effects including color effects - automatic mixing functions - Slim and stylish design
Stock: 1
Condition: good, no box
Technical: works correctly
Age: ex-demo, 1 year
Originele prijs: € 999

prijs nu: € 599
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KaossPad 3 Dynamic Real-time Effect Controller Pad

Effects: Filter (Low-pass / High-pass / Band-pass / 72dB/oct. - and Low-pass) -Isolator & Distortion -Talk-Filter -Flanger 8-band EQ -Mid Pitch Shifter -Broken Modulation -Phaser -Ring Modulator & High-pass Filter -Decimator -Low Compressor -Auto-Pan -Slicer -Delay (Ping-Pong, Multi-tap, Reverse & High-pass Filter) -Tape Echo -Reverb -Gate Reverb -Grain Shifter -Vinyl Looper -Looper Forward
Stock: 1
Condition: perfect
Technical: perfect
Age: used, but perfect
Originele prijs: € 440

prijs nu: 329 246,75
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